Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grading the Minor League Rosters

The Minor League Rosters were finalized on Tuesday with the Blue Rocks finalizing their High A roster. For a system loaded with talent it was interesting to see how many talented position players got left off rosters to start the season. Names like Cuthbert, Arteaga, Calixte, Lane Adams and a few other talented position players will have to wait to start their seasons. This could be a sign that a few players in the Royals system will get quick looks to see if they can get things going or fall victim to the talent behind them.

While a couple of the rosters are uninspiring currently lets breakdown each position group to see which teams have the most potential strength in the system.

Starting Pitching
Most Current Talent: Omaha Storm Chasers hard to argue with a staff lead by Mike Montgomery after his spring and Danny Duffy.

Most Potential Talent: Wilmington Blue Rocks - This staff has huge potential arms all over with Sample, Odorizzi, Melville and Arguelles even some guys in the pen could still be potential starters in Marriott and Herrera.

Relief Pitching: Omaha Storm Chasers - Coleman, Holland are guys I like to make it to KC this year combined with a solid lefty like Hardy makes this staff too much to overcome for the rest in the org. The Rocks could have a lethal combo later in the year if Sample and Herrera if both take to that BP role.

Catching: NW Arkansas Naturals Salvador Perez is the catcher of the future in this organization.

Corner Infield: Omaha Storm Chasers Hos and Moose enough said

Middle Infield: NW Arkansas Naturals - I'll take the Naturals in this one even though they will likely be playing their middle infielders at opposite positions. I think Bianchi could be a decent Utility infielder in the bigs playing 2b,SS and 3b in a pinch while Colon more than likely is a 2b longterm.

Outfield - NW Arkansas Naturals Wil Myers is the heavy weight in this race combined with Robinson gets the slight edge over the Storm Chasers. That tells you how highly I think of Myers considering that I believe three out of the four Omaha outfielders (Cain, Blanco and Lough) will likely get time at some point this season in KC.

I'll be going to:
April 15 Omaha Storm Chasers
April 18, 19 Kane County

Omaha Storm Chasers

Mike Montgomery (3)
Danny Duffy (8)
Everett Teaford (29)
Jeff Suppan
Kevin Pucetas
Luis Mendoza
Steven Shell
Vin Mazzaro
Greg Holland
Blake Wood
Blaine Hardy
Louis Coleman (12)
Jesse Chavez
Manny Pina
Cody Clark
Clint Robinson (21)
Eric Hosmer (2)
Johnny Giavotella (21)
Lance Zawadski
Irving Falu
Mike Moustakas (4)
David Lough (20)
Lorenzo Cain
Gregor Blanco
Paulo Orlando

NW Arkansas Naturals

John Lamb (5)
Chris Dwyer (7)
Will Smith (30)
Edgar Osuna
Heath Rollins

Patrick Keating (31)
Harold Mozingo
Eric Basurto
Buddy Baumann
Brandon Sisk
Blake Johnson
Mario Santiago
Eduardo Paulino
Salvador Perez (18)
Ryan Eigsti
Ben Theriot
Jamie Romak
Jeff Bianchi (23)
Kurt Mertins
Christian Colon (6)
Mario Lisson
Anthony Seratelli
Nick Van Stratten
Tim Smith
Derrick Robinson (27)
Wil Myers (1)

Wilmington Blue Rocks
Tim Melville (24)
Jake Odorizzi (10)
Noel Arguelles
Justin Marks
Elisaul Pimentel
Tyler Sample
Kelvin Herrera
Julio Pimentel
Michael Mariot
Glenn Gibson
Manauris Baez
Ryan Dennick
Bryan Paukovits
Brendan Lafferty
Kevin Chapman
C Jose Bonilla
C Juan Graterol
1b Joey Lewis
2b Deivy Batista
2b/SS Rey Navarro
SS Alex McClure
UT Adam Frost
RF Nick Francis
OF Carlo Testa
CF Adrian Ortiz
CF Whit Merrifield
LF Tim Ferguson

Kane County Cougars

SP Jon Keck
SP Matt Mitchell
SP Leonel Santiago
SP Crawford Simmons
SP Keaton Hayenga
RP Nick Wooley
RP Leondy Perez
RP Sugar Ray Marimon
RP Mitch Hodge
RP Chas Byrne
RP Greg Billo
RP Chase Boruff

C Ryan Jenkins
C Travis Jones
1b Murray Watts
2b Angel Franco
SS Yowill Espinal
3b Fernando Cruz
2b/SS Gerald Hall Jr.
UT Ryan Stovall

RF Geulin Beltre
CF Brett Eibner
LF Brian Fletcher
OF Alex Llanos

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