Monday, August 16, 2010

Royals Announce signing of Eibner and Adam

The Royals completed the draft signing period Monday announcing the signings of Brett Eibner (2nd rounder) and Jason Adam (5th rounder). Total KC spent approximately 7 plus million on this years draft as well as spending 1.1M on the signing of international free agent Shortstop Humberto Arteaga of Venezuela. I love the strategy of spending big in the draft and internationally as I just can't see how it could fail for them longterm. I would like to see them get back into that 10+ million range every draft as the Red Sox did this season but I'm not going to squawk over a couple million here or there especially considering many peoples thoughts on this year overall being a weak draft.

BA quote on Arteaga-
Arteaga is a smart player with a skinny, projectable body, though he isn't a great runner. Scouts have said he stands out more for his defensive tools—especially his soft hands—than for his bat.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lower Minors getting pub

Baseball America had a nice blurb about Yordano Ventura of the Arizona Royals hitting 98-99 mph with his fastball. Pretty impressive for a 5'11 150 lbs 19 year old to show that type of stuff already. Along with him Crawford Simmons was named Appalachian Pitcher of the Week for August 9th by Simmons a 14th round pick last season is considered to be a good overall athlete as he could've had a scholarship in golf or baseball to Georgia Tech but passed on both to sign with the Royals for $450,000. Simmons according to BA sports the usual Royal minor league repertoire fastball,curve and change up averaging 86-90 while touching 91 with his fastball prior to signing. Simmons combined with a teammates Leonel Santiago and Willian Avinazar are leading the Burlington Royals to above normal season for the usual Burlington(NC) bottom feeders. Those four plus 19 year old Robinson Yambati in Arizona combine to give the Royals a possible second wave to the solid prospects they already have at the top levels of the system.

KC should be thinking of shutting John Lamb down for the season not because of his recent struggles but because he has pitched 58 more innings already over what he pitched last season. Even if you don't support the Verducci Effect or other systems Lamb is only 20 and recent struggles could be hints of injury or lead to possible injury down the road with too great a increase in workload.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Revising The Top 20

Rk/ Name/ Current Age Where they will start next season

#1 Wil Myers 19- I've touted him as the possible #1 player in the system but held off off on changing the rankings until now. Still only 19 he's the best hitter in the system and I really don't think it's close his combo of power and patience to all fields will be too much for opponents at every level. I like Hos and Moose and think they'll make an impact but Myers is the real deal and IMO will become the best player to where Royal blue since Carlos Beltran. Myers should push for a September callup next season if his defense just gets a tad better and will join Hos and Moose in KC by 2012. No matter what happens with the rest of this list get ready to be excited about Wil Myers. 2011-NW Arkansas

Myers in Burlington video

#2 Eric Hosmer 20- The Hos has stepped up his game at AA leaving the cavernous spaces of Frawley Field and turning those doubles into Home Runs. The Hos has hit 8 of them since his promotion and unlike Moustakas did crushing the ball on the road as well as home(.909 Rd OPS). He'll join Moustakas at AAA next season and should push for a spot in KC next September if Kila doesn't prove to be a DH/1b type. I think it's a little early to talk about trading Billy in favor of Hosmer but the fact that the discussion can take place is a good sign for KC. 2011-Omaha

#3 Mike Montgomery 21- Throws mid 90s has a solid breaking ball and an above average change up in the future. He and Lamb both love to compete and go at hitters still a little question as neither have had to pitch in hitters environments for a full season yet but Monty has handled Arkansas well when he's been healthy enough to pitch. 2011-Omaha

#4 Mike Moustakas 21- He's struggled at AAA so far but has flashed the power that makes him a top prospect. I've heard a fan toss out Ryan Braun comps but I don't think he'll hit for that kind of average as his splits are too dramatic. JJ said Moose is going to play winter ball which is a good thing because he needs to refine his approach at the plate. He swings at too many pitches and makes contact too easily leading to some weak contact which shouldn't happen for a player with true 75 power. 2011-Omaha

Moose in Omaha

#5 John Lamb 20- Breezed thru two levels of the minor leagues without using one of his breaking balls hopefully adding the slider to his bag of tricks will have him build even more on his success. 2011-NW Arkansas

#6 Chrisitan Colon 21- In the middle of four lefties. The 2010 first round pick is playing in tough territory for a right hand hitter but is said to be a safe bet to be at least a average major league player. 2011-NW Arkansas

#7 Chris Dwyer 22- Has been lights out and the control has been much better than anticipated. His last start was probably due to the bad back but it's something to watch. If he continues to pitch the way he has this season he and Myers picks will lessen the blow that could be Crow. 2011-Omaha

#8 Danny Duffy 21- I'm going to leave him here despite BA reporting he is touching 97 while regularly pitching 93 to 94. Duffy already has a solid curve, can change speeds with his fastball and is said to have a solid slider that he hasn't got a chance to use. As good as Lamb and Montgomery have been if Duffy's velocity has increased this much he might be the best of the bunch. 2011-Omaha

#9 Cheslor Cuthbert 17- This kid can flat out hit, period. Only 17 and performing in the 3 hole in Idaho Falls. He'll fly up these charts next season if he can handle the Midwest league at only 18 years old. He and Myers mark my words will be the Top 2 prospect by the end of the season next year if Hos and Moose are both in KC. A GREAT FIND by the Royals international crew !!! 2011-Burlington

#10 Aaron Crow 23- Demotion to Wilmington, Crow is showing the signs that he might be a reliever at his peak. 2011-NW Arkansas

#11 Louis Coleman 24- The sample size is small with only 94+ IP but his numbers versus lefties is better than righties which is a good sign that he'll be more than just a Righty v. Righty guy. Like Collins he could be part of a solid Royals pen in the future. 2011-KC

#12 Tim Collins 20- Power throwing lefty via the Braves getting sent to Omaha. If he maintains the 13+ K/9 and 2.46 FIP he won't be on this list long. 2011-KC

#13 Tim Melville 20- Up and down season for Melville just when you think he has it he loses it. On the 7 day DL but should be back pretty quickly. Still only 20 years old which is still young for High A. 2011-Wilmington

#14 Tyler Sample- 21- Prior to his last start Sample had been outstanding in June and July with a sub 3 ERA and averaging a K per inning. The walk total is still too high at 5.60 BB/9 but he is showing glimpses of being more than just a future reliever. 2011-Wilmington

Sample in Burlington

#15 Salvador Perez 20- The backstop is young at only 20 years of age. A solid defensive backstop who is slowly getting better with the stick. Pretty impressive he's been able to hang in High A though at such a young age. 2011-NW Arkansas

#16 David Lough 24- A big dip from me as I was really high on him to start the season. He should be in CF to max his value but learning to be more patient at the plate which should only help him in the long run. Plenty of tools and should push for playing time in KC next season. 2011-Omaha

Lough in Omaha

#17 Brett Eibner- Should sign later this month

#18 Derrick Robinson 22- His OBP has dipped every month this season not a good sign(.427,.374,.319,.301). 2011-Omaha

#19 Jordan Parraz 26- Big Arm in Right Field who's numbers finally settled in July after having back to back strong months. 2011-Omaha

Parraz HR

#20 Johnny Giavotella 23- Really heated up this month but still questions about his glove. 2011-Omaha

The Future is getting closer than even Dayton Moore could have envisioned prior to the season. Of the guys in the Top 20, seven have been promoted one level while John Lamb has been promoted two levels. That is outstanding results and should lead to a #1 organizational overall ranking by Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus.

UP Next: Video of Mike Moustakas, Tim Collins and Louis Coleman hoping to get video of the Arkansas guys prior to the end of the month.