Thursday, February 24, 2011

Introducing the Royals Minor League Fan Scouting Report Cards

As the season progresses I'll let everyone know how it goes. And we'll see how we do at the end of the year as anonymous scouts. It should be fun and all I ask is that no one fills it out without seeing the players play in games. This isn't a questionnaire of how you grade the player from what you've heard.


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Mike Moustakas

Eric Hosmer

Lorenzo Cain

David Lough

Johnny Giavotella

Jarrod Dyson

Clint Robinson

Paulo Orlando

Irving Falu

Tim Smith

Jeff Bianchi

Manny Pina

Derrick Robinson

Lance Zawadzki

Joaquin Arias

Kurt Mertins


Wil Myers

Salvador Perez

Christian Colon

Jamie Romak

Anthony Seratelli

Rey Navarro

Nick Francis

Adrian Ortiz

Nick Van Stratten

José Bonilla

Ben Theriot

Tom Tango introduced fan scouting to us a few years ago and I wanted to offer that same type of thing to fans of the Royals, in particular to the fans watching the prospects. This tool is simple, easy and hopefully can give us a small glimpse of what people who watch a player looks like currently. Obviously the majority of us aren't or won't be scouts but the majority of us attend and watch games regularly so it could be an interesting tool to see how these players compare in our eyes as compared to what the scouts say to BA, BP or Keith Law.

This is a position player tool only as it is much easier for fans to scout position players as opposed to what type of pitches a pitcher throws.

The card is simple, easy, contains eight questions and allows you to post any other notes you may like. The first four questions pertain to the players defense while the last four are geared at his offensive ability.

1. How would you rate the players defensive movement?
2. How would you rate his 1st step quickness on defense?
3. How would you rate his arm strength?
4. How would you rate his glove ability?
5. How would you rate his ability to make solid contact with the bat?
6. How would you rate his power?
7. How would you rate his speed down the 1st baseline?
8. How would you rate his approach at the plate?

I wanted to do it on the scouting 2-8 scale but google docs wouldn't allow me to change the scale starting at 2 so I used 1-8. As examples I show you that Benji Molina's speed would score a 1 while Barry Bonds plate approach would rate as an 8. I was thinking Bonds in his 01-04 years if you want to be picky. I've never seen a hitter so focused on knowing exactly what he was doing at the plate and never seemingly wavering.

This isn't a projection tool so it probably will have more error at the lower levels but we'll see how it grades out. Maybe an unknown at a lower level will grade out better with us and turn into something down the road ala a Mike Aviles.

I'll keep the link to this post at the top right hand of my blog all year long so it will be easily accessed as well as hopefully getting some of the other Royal blogs to add it. I hope to add all players at the A ball level on up prior to the start of minor league spring training games on March 18th.

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