Monday, April 19, 2010

Players that could be on the move

Michael Montgomery
- Not much needs to be said about this one Monty has dominated in his first three High A starts in 2010 after fairing very well there in '09.
Stats thru 12 High A starts 70 IP 44 H 16 BB 13 ER 73 K's

Buddy Baumann- Baumann was Missouri Valley pitcher of the year in 2009 and as a college pitcher might be too advanced for the hitters at High A where he is making them look silly at the moment. Baumann could be a candidate to move to AA once Mendoza or any other KC BP flunky is DFA'd and rosters start to shuffle. Probably too early to move him up now but if he continues his pace he will need a better challenge.
Stats 2010 8.1 IP 6 H 1 ER 15 K 2 BB that's 16.2 K/9

Frederico Casteneda - Casteneda is dominating AA currently in his second trip in the league. Last season he bounced his K/9 up to 9.17 when he was moved to the pen and it seems he is carrying that over to 2010. There isn't much room left in the Omaha bullpen but Casteneda like Baumann a level below could move once the hacks are released, traded or thrown into space.
Stats in 2010 9.2 IP 4 H 11 K 1 BB 0 ER

Kila Ka'aihue - It will never happen but Kila deserves to move on to KC more than any player I can ever remember. Aviles in '08 was hackin like crazy but had really never done it prior while Kila now has proved to be an on base machine the last three seasons while hitting HRs in '08 and he appears to be in that kind of mood this season. If he continues this pace and isn't called up by June the fanbase may start to revolt.
Stats in '08 .314/.458/.629 37 HR 106 BB
Stats in '09 .252/.392/.433 17 HR 102 BB
Stats in '10 .325/.491/.700 4 HR 13 BB 11 Games

Sam Runion - It might be time for the 2nd round '08 pick to hang'em up. I would never tell someone to quit but it just isn't working out for Runion. He lacks control and a solid pitch that can he can count on to get anyone out. It's only getting worse for Sam and despite a fanbase that roots him on he just can't seem to get it done.
Appearances in 2010
Apr 10 1 IP 1 H 3 BB 1 K 2 R 1 ER
Apr 13 1 BF 1 BB - Walked in the game winning run the only batter he faced.
Apr 14 1 IP 3 H 1 K 2 ER
Apr 18 2 IP 6 H 1 BB 1k 6 R 4 ER

Castaneda and Montgomery both won their league honors for Pitcher of the Week

Eric Hosmer has an 11 Game hitting streak stats .447/.533/.658 7-4 BB/So 1 HR 2-3b 1-2b
Derrick Robinson's 8 Game hitting streak .382/.432/.588 3-7 BB/So 3-3b 1-2b 5 SB

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