Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alex Gordon to the Outfield?

When GMDM first made this move the other day I was quite angry. I felt it was just another move one of many the last three seasons that has stunted what looked like the development of Gordon in '08. After reviewing GMDMs quotes and the subsequent side moves that seem to be taking place though I find myself more on board with it, here's why:

#1 Mike Aviles got called up. Yuni was starting to become Yunified going 1 for his last 21 and while the Royals have talked a good game I don't think they were fully on board with his offseason training. Mariners fans and front office have said how lazy he was in the past and while the Royals were gung-ho about him if his laziness was an issue then that could quickly have soured the Royals on him. Scouts and GMDM might have liked Yuniesky but Trey has got to watch Aviles and Yuni play everyday for the last two seasons and one would think that Trey with his job on the line would lean more towards Aviles after his '08 production.
Aviles good start 3-5 with a HR Tuesday.

#2 Alberto out of the middle of the field. Alberto's defense has been horid the last couple years and I don't think it has to do with his hands as much as his feet. The guy has great hand eye coordination but he just isn't quick enough to play in the middle of the diamond. Maybe he is Ryan Braun light and just can't hack it with the glove but I think the move to third initially plays to his strengths as a ball player.

#3 Ankiel won't be here long. I think this definitely signals that Ankiel won't be with this organization long. While Gordon won't play centerfield I don't think they make this move if they thought that Ankiel and Podsednik could both possibly be with this team for long. While I'm not sure they have given up on Podsednik due to his production I do believe Trey and GMDM have already grown tired of Ankiel's Jacobslike performance. Still I wouldn't be shocked if we saw a outfield of Gordon-Pods-DDJ instead of the preferred Gordon-Maier-DDJ.

I don't know if GMDM is really being honest to why he is doing this after years of watching his disasterous moves no one could really no but until proven wrong I'll go along with it.

UP NEXT: Alex in Omaha, I'll take video Thursday and post.

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