Monday, May 31, 2010

Alex Gordon to Right Field

Went to my first Omaha Royals game in quite a while today (5/31) to watch Alex play right field. From what I saw he appeared to get good reads off the bat, has a cannon for an arm and possesses average range out there. If KC does decide to keep Alex this move to right field was an intelligent one as it allows David DeJesus to be moved back to left while allowing Alberto and Moustakas opportunities at third base. Alex didn't get a whole lot of work catching a few flyballs but did show off his arm unleashing a throw to third base that was slightly off line but got to third in a hurry without a hop. He definitely has the arm for the position and has enough range to make it work. His plate approach was professional as always and he hit the ball solidly to the tune of a 1 for 3 day.

Hopeful 2010 ML Roster
2-Kendall(Stuck with this one)
6-Betancourt(Another mistake)
Falu Inf/Outfiled utility
Parraz or Lough 4th OF
Pina C

The reluctance of playing Brayan Pena probably opens up a spot for Manny Pina and considering his advanced defensive game he is probably a better fit for a 25 game catcher. Irving Falu can do everything Willie Bloomquist can do and probably better as well as being much cheaper. Parraz or Lough are probably not the answer as of yet to the 4th OF as I'm sure GMDM will look to bring in someone to fit into the OF. Kila is definitely worthy of an opportunity to DH and split with Billy at 1b but we'll find out if GMDM is all talk this offseason about giving him an opportunity.


  1. I asked someone in the organization if I should read anything into Gordo playing right instead of left. He said no, it was just to rotate some other guys' playing time. It's kind of like Scott Thorman playing 3B - he's not making a career change; he just gets put there so everyone else can fit in where Jirsch needs them.

    That's too bad - I was hoping Gordon's move to RF would mean JoGui was on the move, but I don't think so.

  2. I think it does give them some flexibility to trade DDJ if they so choose. I think Alex has played enough in the outfield to get him back to the bigs but the GMDM probably doesn't see enough ABs. Maybe Pods can get traded at the deadline like he has from other teams in the past to open up a spot for Gordon.