Monday, July 26, 2010

ORoyals video and Soria rumor pops up again 5 days left

I've attended the last three ORoyals games a doubleheader Sunday and the afternoon game Monday. Quick thoughts on a few guys

Jarrod Dyson- Only got to see him show off the wheels once as he stole a base Monday afternoon but he showed a good arm in center when he would've had Morrison on a close play at the plate had Pina hung on to the ball. Looked alright at the plate as one could expect a couple line drives with not much pop.

Dyson single

David Lough- The usual solid performance from David played solid defense in left while becoming a bit more patient at the plate. His bat is as quick thru the zone as any Royal minor leaguer in the system and despite his size provides nice pop. David's BABIP is attrocious this month(.132 comin into today) but even with that he is carrying a .368 OBP his highest of any month this season and has drawn 9 more walks(19/10) than he did in April-June. If he can build on his last 10 games .257/.386/.514 and the solid approach KC has a solid ML CF/4th OF, in the mold of Brett Gardner with a tick less speed but a tick more pop.

David Lough Groundout
David Lough Forceout

Mike Moustakas- I don't think we'll have to worry about groundouts to second ala Alex because I didn't see him hit a ball on the ground during the three game set but unfortunately I didn't see him square up a ball either. He seems to be taking every first pitch which at the triple A level probably isn't the best approach as the pitchers are savvy enough to feed him offspeed pitches when he is down in the count and get him out with pitches out of the zone which is exactly what happened in the three games I saw. Quite a few popouts and a couple he hit on the button at people. Defensively he didn't get many chances other than a tailor made 5-3 double play he turned. I think AAA is a good challenge to Mike and it'll be a good challenge to him and force him to start hitting down in the count.

Mike Moustakas flyout to CF
Mike Moustakas strikes out swinging

Kila Ka'aihue and Logan Morrison- As usual Kila is the man was unloading on all swings and knocked out a opposite field HR on Monday. He's patient looks for pitches he can crush in "his zone" and when he sees one there is no wasted swing. Other than Logan Morrison Kila was the best looking hitter on the field and uncoiled on all hit attempts. He has a professional approach everytime and is looking for something he can handle. He never waivers no matter what the count, I wish KCs hitters would do the same unfortunately it probably doesn't matter what Kila does cause GMDM is a moron. As I mentioned Morrison is a total stud who is country strong and combines Kila's approach with a little more raw talent and bat speed. Morrison probably doesn't have Kila's strength but he is a solid gap hitter that could probably be an above average hitter at the ML level within a year or two.

Kila Ks
Logan Morrison Groundout

As you can see with the videos I tagged I had some bad luck with the cam as far as results but I was mostly looking to show off the bat speed of these guys. Video quality is better than yesterday.

Rumor- The latest rumor today was that the Yankees offered Montero as apart of a deal for Soria. Jesus Montero is a lock for pretty much every Top 10 list of prospects in baseball, is a catcher by his current position only and a 20 year old holding his own at AAA, so pretty much there isn't much not to like. In fact Jon Heyman said on MLBNetwork they offered the same package as Cliff Lee to the Royals and they turned it down. If true then GMDM is an idiot an even bigger one than we already thought. So in two days KC has rumors they are interested in Frenchy and turned down a deal for Montero+, if those aren't fireable offenses then I don't know what are. The Royals are said to want more pitching, why? They have quite a bit of pitching in the system already how much do they need, yes they are going to deal with some prospect failures but come on they already have more pitching in the minors than any other team in the bigs. They need the best talent made available to them whether that is a stud hitting catcher, outfielder or a centerfielder. GMDM should be doing nothing but stockpiling talent at all positions not just pitching, does he not realize if he has Montero, Myers and Perez behind the dish at least one is going to fail, one is going to make it and he can deal the other. This guy just doesn't get it. If the Yankees did offer this and GMDM passed well I guess 2012-2014 will probably just turn out to be more of the same.


  1. So you think that 4 and a half years of Soria should be worth the same as 3 months of Cliff Lee? I am not sure that GMDM is the idiot here.

  2. Considering how little of importance Soria's pitching is to the Royals then yes KC has been a terrible team with him, what would they be without? This team isn't good and the possibility of getting a starting catcher who will play 125-150 games at a possible All Star level with the bat is far more important than Soria, then add Adams who is OPS'n .900 at AA and can play better defense than any current 2b Royals prospect and McCallister who could relieve as well. 3 good prospects for one closer who has little impact on a bad team is much more important than a closer who gets an opportunity once a week.

  3. The Francouer deal was a rumor that since has debunked with a firm "The Royals have no interest in Francouer." Do ever think about the fact rumors are 90% of the time just rumors? I wouldn't go off calling someone an idiot based on a rumor. The Mets probably called the Royals and got turned down.

    Now as far as Soria for Montero, the package I heard was not impressive at all. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe the package (if it is the same as the Lee package) is just not very good? I mean he was traded to the Rangers instead. You don't trade Soria for one prospect and garbage. You say they need to stockpile at all positions yet they have Butler, Kila, Robinson, and Hosmer at 1st. Montero likely will end up at 1st and there is a better than 50% chance Myers ends up in the OF. So basically they are stuck relying on Perez. Not a good deal at all. As far as needing pitchers, have you seen the Royals rotation? He wants some ML ready pitchers. They don't have any in their system. I still think Soria gets dealt but if he doesn't, it is not the end of the world. I just know I am glad you and a lot of these clowns aren't the GM because you guys would deal everyone for the first thing you get offered.

  4. Soria is my favorite player in baseball, so obviously I am a bit biased. But I think he is still young enough and cheap enough to keep around. We're not talking about a guy who should regress in a year or two when the prospects start getting to the majors. But that's my extremely biased opinion.

  5. I heard was not impressive at all.- Jesus Montero 20 year old catcher holding his own at AAA. As far as staying at catcher yes its shaky but how could he be worse than the three catchers we've had the past two seasons, two couldn't catch the other can't hit and we've seen our CY Young winners ERA jump two runs so either Zack isn't quite the level of talent we all think he is or that guy can't call a game to save his life.

    David Adams a 23 yo with an OPS of .900 at AA Eastern League which isn't quite the hitting environment Giavotella is playing in at Arvest.

    McAllister- If the Yanks are really interested you can switch him out with someone else if you want a starter perhaps even though he is a starter currently he probably profiles better in the pen.

    This makes a ton of sense because Saves are the most overrated statistic in all of baseball and that starter problem you speak of is a shortterm problem.

    Monty, Lamb, Dwyer, Crow, Duffy, Osuna are all at AA to go with Hochevar, Greinke and O'Sullivan all currently 26 or younger and under team control thru at least 2012. That's 9 starters to make 5 calculating prospect failure and really only needing 4 solid starters KC looks totally settled in the rotation by 2012 the only sensible contending point.

    GMDM holding out for starting pitching is somewhat ignorant as finding solid everyday starters on the field of play is more important than starting pitching.