Saturday, July 24, 2010

A week to go and the Greinke rumors are starting

But when clubs inquire about Greinke, the Royals respond by saying they would want two major-league-ready pitchers with top-of-the rotation potential in return.

Their logic is that Greinke gives them a chance to win 35 times a year. To move him, they would want to multiply that number to, say, 70 times a year.

According to Jon Heyman and Ken Rosenthal everyone on the Royals roster is attainable including Zack Greinke. I'm like most who have the opinion that no one is unsellable given the right offer but this one kind of wreaks of sell off. Additional rumors of Glass possibly selling the team and needing to trim salary to make it more attractive might be behind this. Greinke is owed 27 million over the next two years which at his talent level is not a huge sum but is also affordable to other small market teams with talent. What should KC be looking for in return?

TB- Two of Desmond Jennings or Jeremy Hellickson with Matt Moore or Wade Davis

ATL- Julio Teheran and Mike Minor

I just don't see a real good match as the teams that would pull this off Sox and Yankees don't have much top end pitchers in their system while the Rays probably wouldn't unload the top talent it would take. I'm not against the move but I would definitely want more than what the Mariners got for Cliff Lee. They might need to get a third team involved to get what they want and deserve for Zack.


  1. I might do the Tampa deal, Hellickson and Davis. I know everyone says Jennings is the real deal, but giving up pitching without getting it back scares me. Would not do the Atl deal.

  2. I don't know if Tampa Bay would trade Hellickson and after seeing what market Arizona and Seattle set for Haren and Lee I definitely don't think KC could get them now.

    Maybe a Moore and Brignac which I don't think would be enough