Saturday, January 29, 2011

Change to the blog

I took the time to add a new feature to the blog. The GMDM trade tree !

In the right hand column you will find GMDMs trade transactions, listing all the trades GMDM has made thus far as a member of the Royals. Included in each trade is the who each player was traded for and if they got traded again and who that turned into. Example Ruben Gotay for Jeff Keppinger turned for Russ Haltwinger. That trade as you can see resulted in a negative 2.o WAR meaning GMDM went backwards in that particular trade.

I used Fangraphs WAR and Baseball Refrence WAR to make calculate the WAR totals, primarily using Fangraphs but in a couple instances I used Baseball Reference for split season totals.

A couple notes - If a player is resigned by their current club then I consider the trade "still in progress" because I believe that team got a head start with him because he was their property. Ex. Jorge De La Rosa. Also if a player is released or moves on to another team I consider the trade complete. I also consider the trade complete if the player is traded from the Royals and is not considered the primary piece in that trade. Ex. Yuniesky Betancourt.

Surprising to me GMDM comes out on top with all these trades combined by a modest amount. I will keep a running total as long as the players are with the traded teams.

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