Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good work Dayton !

The Royals announced that they signed Billy Butler through his three arbitration years and one year of free agency today. Dick Kaegel reports it is a 4 year 30 million dollar deal for Billy thru 2014. I'm all for this move as Billy's career definitely seems to be headed in a positive direction with improvements in weighted on base average and defense at first base. This contract will expire when Billy is 28 leaving the Royals in control of the majority of his peak years and putting them in a possible playoff position by 2013/2014.

2014 is the key to this deal with the Royals possibly getting Moustakas up sometime in 2011 along with a few arms (Collins, Coleman, Duffy, Teaford). After the '11 group the Royals could add Hosmer, Montgomery and Lamb in 2012. The extra year with Butler allows a little time for the bats to develop for a run at the playoffs in 2013 and 2014.

Best Case Scenario 2013/2014
1b Hosmer
2b Giavotella/Colon
SS Escobar
3b Moustakas
DH Butler
LF Lough
CF Eibner
RF Myers
C Perez

Overall the deal is a solid win for the Royals, Dayton Moore and the fans that like watching Billy Butler.

UPDATE It is being reported that the Royals have a club option for 2015. Now this is a GREAT Deal not just a good one. GREAT JOB DAYTON !

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