Sunday, January 23, 2011

Myers moves to OF

Myers is all natural, no batting gloves. Picture

It became official Saturday as the Royals announced that Wil Myers will move to the OF in the spring.

Myers IMO will have little problem making adjustments with the bat at any level as he has extremely quick hands and strong wrist. He played OF in High School and has the arm to perform in RF with his natural athleticism. As I predicted earlier this month he will challenge Hosmer for player of year at the minor league level and if Hosmer is asked to start the season at AA then the two will make a sick 3-4 combo.

I'll try to get as much video as I can of him playing in the outfield when I'm at spring training from Mar 13-18.

Videos I previously uploaded
Burlington 1st AB
Myers 2nd AB


  1. Do we know if, like Moises Alou, he makes up for the lack of batting gloves by pissing on his hands before each game?

  2. I thought all baseball players were required to do that regardless if they wore batting gloves or not.