Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kane County Pitchers

Nick Scott was tossing out some great tweets today from the GMDM business meeting. I'll let him comment on the majority of what he heard but I thought I'd like to tie one of the messages to what I talked about before.

"Arguelles will probably start in Kane County this year."

That's interesting stuff to me because it adds to an already interesting staff of young starters.

The Repeaters
Kelvin Herrera-3rd try to see if he can stay healthy.
Matt Mitchell-2nd year after TJ surgery.
Keaton Hayenga- Brutal '10 season 47 BB v. 43 Ks and 11.1 H/9

The New guys
Crawford Simmons- My pick as a "Breakout Performer in 2011"
Willian Avinazar- 8.4 K/9 1.083 WHIP in Appy League last year.
Leonel Santiago- 7.3 K/9 1.111 WHIP in Appy League in 2010.
The 3 arms from last seasons Burlington(NC) Royals playoff team. None of which has huge upside according to scouts but performed at decent levels.

Noel Arguelles-Cuban signee w/big arm and physical body. ML Contract
Jason Adam- A 6'4 200+ lbs who was reported to be touching mid 90s during instructs.
Robinson Yambati- BP #11 Ranked Royals prospect
Yordano Ventura- Reports said he was touching 98-99 mph in AZL last year.

That's an impressive list of arms which will help make Kane County one of the fun teams to pay attention to all year long.


  1. where do you think some of the college arms start. like Mariot and Cantrell. i think both could put up big numbers in low minors.

  2. Both to Wilmington if I had to guess Mariot finds a spot in the BP while Cantrell starts. Just a guess