Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Quote of the Day

I think the Royals are treading water until Salvador Perez is ready. You want to know who is making a bigger camp impression than anyone, it's Perez
... Bob Dutton KC Star Chat

Perez definitely seems to be heading in a positive direction with his bat as he had probably his best season considering the tough environment Wilmington is for right handed hitters.
.290/.322/.411 7 HR 21 2b 18/38 BB/SO in 396 PA
It's a very positive sign that he has never had higher than a 12.6% K rate at any level which means he shouldn't have much trouble making contact at the upper levels. Hopefully he can do more damage as he gains strength(still just 20) even though he needs to be more patient at the plate where he carried only a 4.5% walk rate last season.

While Salvador's bat will be the final factor in deciding whether he's a everyday starter in the bigs his defense has pretty much already assured him as at least a backup career. We've seen countless numbers of lighthitting catchers who can play a couple days a week just based on their decent defense, supposed good game-calling ability and great makeup, all things Sal is off the charts at.

Perez might be one of the youngest Royals (3rd behind Myers and Lamb) at AA or higher but he is probably the closest thing to a lock that there is just due to his position and defensive ability.

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