Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Curse of the Prospect Royal Lefthander

The depth of Royal lefthanders in the minor leagues just fell off today by 20% today. That because of Danny Duffy's decision to step away from the game. Duffy just felt that he didn't love the game anymore and needs to make decisions about his life. The timing of this decision looks somewhat unfortunate as it came just weeks after he encountered his first bit of adversity when an injured arm had him sidelined for a few months. The timing of this decision isn't all terrible as the injury would have sidelined him until June anyway so maybe he takes this time to realize that he needs the game the way Zack Greinke needed it and if not then KC fortunately has enough depth at lefthanded starters that they might not notice. Duffy was just a prospect and at AA so to say he was going to be a success at the major league level is a stretch.

Good Luck Danny with whatever decision you do make.

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