Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Minor League Moves Aaron Crow to NW Arkansas

Aaron Crow was reassigned to NW Arkansas today. This is a wise decision by the Royals FO. Why am I writing about this? Well the fact that we as Royals fans have to be happy when the team makes a no brainer decision (Signing Zack) like this shows how far the opinion of this front office has fallen. This still is a smart move by GMDM none the less.

Crows path should be similar to Luke Hochevars in that Aaron should route thru Omaha on his way to the majors. The PCL is a good test for young pitchers. The parks are inflated and many teams have gotten back to using AAA as a learning tool. Just last season a pitcher could've faced the likes of Chris Coghlan, Kyle Blanks, Buster Posey, Travis Snider, Brett Wallace, Cameron Maybin, Justin Smoak,etc.. That list is impressive and that's not adding guys who already have lots of big league experience. Better more experienced competition can teach him lessons to use at the big league level.

Luke's big league success is more a question of stuff as opposed to system development and approach in my opinion.

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