Saturday, March 27, 2010

GMDM trying to make another mistake

Jayson Stark is reporting the Royals are shopping Brayan Pena in hopes of getting another starting pitcher.

This is seems like a stupid move to me. I don't know what KC would get in return for Pena but I doubt they would get above a 5/6 type starting pitcher. That same type of value they could probably pickup off the waiver wire very soon. Why give up a catcher (premium position) who you have under team control for 5 seasons in a non-compete season for a fringe starter at best? It makes no sense at all.

KC will not compete this season they just don't have enough talent on the roster but GMDM doesn't see it. What is his deal? What good is a 5th starter the quality of which is questioned going to do them they aren't going to be in the race anyway? Pena last season proved he is at least a quality backup and could possibly be a starting catcher. He is already better than Jason Kendall but I'm sure GMDM in his idiotic wisdom sees Pena as a catcher who is going to get little playing time behind the very qualified 35+ experienced calls the good game Kendall. Every player is tradeable from Greinke on down to Pena but for a GM to shop him openly is lessening his return.

This GM is continuing his idiotic ways and just the rumor of it shows he has no idea what value is in the game.

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