Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jason Adam making waves

Jason Adam the local Royals 4th Rounder last year is making more waves in spring training after an impressive instruct debut. Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus was very impressed by what he saw earlier this week by Adam saying his fastball was sitting 94-96 while touching 97/98. His curve was 80 mph with command, control with depth and a long break. According to Jason he has good arm speed on his change up while having good late fade on the pitch. Parks also said his polish was comparable to a AAA player which for a guy who hasn't played a pro game yet is extremely impressive.

Nick Scott also tweeted tonight that he was 94-96 today.

Parks future projection of Adam's stuff.
FB 70
Curve 60 at least
Change up 50

I highly encourage you to checkout Jason Parks stuff at BP and his own site

I've had some small amount of interaction with Adam after he was drafted and he truly is a great kid.

Other great stuff on the Royals prospects in Surprise including Cuthbert on the BP Podcast

I'm planning a trip to Kane County April 18-20 hopefully I'll be able to get video of Adam and Cuthbert.

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