Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yost makes a decision on pitching roster

Royals_Report Bob Dutton tweeted this today
Sean O'Sullivan will break with club as long reliever.
Comparing this to my pitching roster prediction in January lays out about as I expected. I thought the Royals would use Chen as a long man until a 5th starter was needed so they could carry just one lefty in the BP. Yost announced Mazzaro will stay in Omaha until mid April when a 5th starter is needed. If I was to remake my predictions currently I would definitely put Jeffress ahead of Blake Wood who I thought was a lock. I also would slide Nate Adcock ahead of Texeira while putting Coleman and Holland in a virtual tie for that next spot.

SP Luke Hochevar #1
SP Jeff Francis #2
SP Vin Mazzaro Omaha/#5
SP Kyle Davies #3
SP Bruce Chen #4

RP Joakim Soria (LOCK)
RP Robinson Tejeda (LOCK)
RP Blake Wood
RP Sean O'Sullivan Long man Announced
RP Kanekoa Texeira
RP Greg Holland
RP Tim Collins

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