Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Quote of the Day

Greinke's desperation not to endure yet another losing season in Kansas City was such that he is said to have tried to convince Cashman that he wanted to come to New York. And that he could actually thrive in New York.
However, people who were briefed on that meeting said Cashman ultimately decided that Greinke's first thought about New York was probably correct -- that it wasn't the best spot for him. Greinke told people the day he accepted his Cy Young Award in New York City that he didn't think he could ever live in New York, and kept telling friends the same. But as the days dwindled this winter, he made his surprise plea to Cashman to make him a Yankee.

Jon Heyman-SI

That's really too bad because I believe the best possible package the Royals could've gotten would have been from the Yanks. Banuelos, Betances look like stud starters down the line and we've already discussed Monetoro's big bat. Gary Sanchez, Austin Romine look to be solid ML starters down the line with Sanchez having All Star type talent. Obviously the Royals couldn't get all those guys but I believe whatever package the Yanks could've put together would have been slightly better than what the Royals got from the Brewers.

I'm not a fan of Greinke's remarks this summer from not being interested in the 2nd half of the season to acting like the bad guy he comes off more and more like a diva. All Royals fans want is a guy who goes out and puts max effort every time out and for the most part doesn't rock the boat. No realistic fan was upset about Zack wanting out, nobody likes to lose but he hurt his trade value by not pitching to his full capability. In the end I hope the Brewers do well and he does well with them.

Mike Montgomery was throwing 93-95 while touching 96 yesterday according to pitchf/x which is pretty impressive early in the spring. He threw 23 pitches, 21 of which were fastballs that had a break of 2.9-4 degrees in movement as opposed to Jeremy Jeffress who was getting 1-2 degrees of movement while hitting 98 mph. Montgomery has the best fastball in the organization according to McClure and he flashed that a bit yesterday in that one inning. He'll probably begin working that secondary stuff next time out.

The Royals will air on MLB Network tonight at 8pm CST facing the Dodgers. John Lamb one of the top 2 lefties in the system is scheduled to appear.

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