Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Heyman Greinke Rumors

Heyman tweeted todayFor greinke #royals asked #rangers for pitchers hunter, holland and kirkman, grt kid ss profar, cf beltre. Smart to say no

How does this haul compare to what they got from the Brewers?
Lorenzo Cain > Engel Beltre - Beltre has an interesting toolset that if he ever capitalized on it could be a solid player but he has one big negative as reported by
Jason Parks at Texas Farm Review - Well below-average approach at the plate; overly aggressive; plays too fast;
I doubt Beltre will ever be able to adjust his approach at the plate something Cain has had no problems with at every level. Beltre might have the higher upside but reaching the ceiling is very doubtful.

Alcides Escobar = Jurickson Profar - This is a matter of what you prefer, Escobar is further along in development while Profar in the long run might have the better overall tools. Profar is very young but he could become a second Elvis Andrus, a player who zips thru the minors due to his advanced feel of the game. Escobar has more speed and while both have good hit tools Profar might have the better approach and possibly more power in the longrun. Profar if all things go right could be the better player but Escobar offsets that some by already being in the majors and showing above average defensive ability.

Derek Holland, Michael Kirkman and Tommy Hunter > Jeremy Jeffress and Jake Odorizzi - I still think Holland could be a solid 2/3 in the bigs after last season increasing production in basically every category. To me the Rangers are in a better position than some analyst think with CJ Wilson, Derek Holland, Colby Lewis, Neftali Feliz and Tommy Hunter in their rotation. I believe the first four listed are solid 2/3 with Feliz having the eventual ceiling of a one. As I'm sure you noticed I listed Hunter as a 5 and that is what he is but it's a 5 in the bigs which is worth exactly what the Royals already have plenty of. I would rate Odorizzi as slightly ahead of Kirkman but it's close and the combination of Holland with him takes the Rangers ahead with Jeffress being a bullpen only option.

Overall this offer from the Rangers was probably equal to if not slightly better but I like the Brewers offer more because the combination of players are closer to the bigs. It's nice to dream about our prospects or any prospect but if you can cut down on your development curve then you are ahead of the game.

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